Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I was featured in The Irish Examiner FeelGood Supplement last Friday!

I was delighted last week to be contacted by a journalist from The Irish Examiner newspaper .  She was doing an article on over forty mothers and wanted to ask about my experience of being a forty something first time mum.

As I was  being interviewed last Tuesday, I took my eyes off my toddler and his friends. Next thing I knew I could smell burning and here giggling from the kitchen. Abandoning my interviewer and dashing into the kitchen I discovered that he had put a dry bowl of porridge into the microwave. Of course, the plate was not suitable, and, on a high setting, the microwave went up in smoke!  This is the third microwave he has broken but I just couldn't be cross.  After all, it was me who forgot to unplug the dratted thing!  I fully expected to see something about this in the interview!

The following day, The Examiner wanted to send their photographer at short notice.  I was minding my two and a half year old niece that day, as her creche had been closed.  I arrived home from collecting my little boy from playschool at 12.45 and the photographer arrived shortly after.  It was chaotic to say the least.  When she arrived, there were two mad toddlers racing around the house.  I had a half face of make up on as I was hoping look half decent in the pictures.

The article came out in the print version of The Irish Examiner last Friday on page 6 of the Feel Good Mag supplement.  I was delighted with it, especially as my blog was mentioned.  The photograph was also pretty good.  I knew my son would look great but I wasn't too sure about myself!  Thankfully, it was a pleasant surprise!

I notice that the article isn't online at the Irish Examiner website so I might contact them about that.  I would love to put the link up and archive it here on my blog.  What do you think?

My last weeks blog post for the WM Parenting connection can be found at the link below.  I would really welcome any comments.

PS -5th June 2011 - The PDF link for the article by Sue Leonard and featuring me is at  Scroll down to page 6 and there we are!

I note that Cari Rosen Author of 'The Secret Diary of a New Mum, aged 43 1/4' was mentioned alongside Carla Bruni in a similar article.