Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Midsummers Day!

A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.
-- St. Francis of Assisi

It's officially midsummers day and the longest day of the year! My younger brother was born on this day many moons ago and my mother always says it definitely was the longest day for her. She had a difficult labour and birth but thankfully acquired a lovely little boy out of it, her fourth and last son, and the youngest in the family.

For a change, here in Ireland, the sun is shining today and so it actually lives up to the titlel of mid'summers' day. We have had a terrible few years weatherwise so this is such a welcome change. And what an amazing day today so far.

If anyone had told me a few years ago that I would enjoy being a stay at home mum I would have laughed in their faces. As far as I was concerned I didn't have a maternal bone in my body. Check out my first post if you haven't already, to see what I mean! If they had told me I would be gambolling about the park and zoo in my forties, I would have become hysterical with mirth.

It might not be the most exciting day for many but for me it's bliss. My husband left early for work and I wakened to a beautiful sunshiny morning at around 8am. My little boy did me the favour of sleeping in until 9.30am, the little angel. I was able to have my shower, get dressed and even get some yoga in before he called for me. After his shower and breakfast, his little friend called over with his gran, one of my lovely neighbours, who is fast becoming a special friend. We spent a while in each of our houses and gardens, playing games and having coffee.

In the afternoon we went to St Anne's Park which is nearby. It boasts a great childrens' playground and picnic area, forest and river walks and a stunning rose garden. We whiled away a carefree few hours and then headed home

After an hour playing with bubbles in the back garden, my little angel asked if he could go for his nap, hence allowing me to be able to update this blog, amongst other things. He is sleeping peacefully now so I am franctically trying to get things done so I am ready to entertain him again later. Hopefully he will sleep for his usual two hours and then we can have dinner in the garden on a lovely summers evening.

AAAAh. I am happy today.................


  1. Claire...what a pleasant blog entry to read this evening. You are be rewarded for a job well done. You are blessed.

    As for me, June 21 was the day my mother died in 1998. On that particular day, it was also Father's Day. Things like that I tend not to forget.

    May the sun keep shining on your...iterally and figureatvely. In spirit always...Marsha

  2. Oh Marsha, thanks for the comment. So sorry about your mother.
    lots of love


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