Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just For Myself - yoga, me and the Law of Attraction

I may sound mad to some of you out there but I find that practicing the principles of the Law of Attraction (google it if you don't know what I mean) really works for me. At least, when I remember to practice it and not fall into old habits and ways. It's one of the things that I am determined to practice just for myself.  It seems to make everything better for me and in turn, that is better for my family too.

This very morning, I went to my weekly yoga class. It's something that I refuse to miss unless the circumstances are exceptional. It makes me feel positive, energetic and alive. It makes me feel like taking care of myself. This is something I need to do especially as I am a forty something first time mum.
My car is in the garage having repairs done before it's retest, which it failed a few weeks ago.  I got up, got my son ready, knowing we would have to walk to school in wind and rain and then I would have to take a bus to the yoga class. I wasn't looking forward to it but was viewing it in the most positive light. Exposure to nature and the elements and a little exercise too!  In the past, I would have complained and got lazy about it but not in my new frame of mind!
The positive vibes must have worked because as I was preparing to leave the house, my neighbour was going to the shopping centre. It is on the way to school and yoga and she was good enough to give us a lift to both places.  We not only got there but we got there early.  This gave me lots of time to have a lovely conversation with the yoga teacher and some of my classmates.
I had a stimulating class and was tingling all over with positive energy afterwards.  It really does have this kind of zinging effect on me. As I walked up the road in the wind and rain, I visualised a taxi cab coming towards me.  Believe it or not, a taxi cab stopped right in front of me to let a passenger out and I was able to get home in record time. He was a very pleasant driver and even let me off with two euro when I didn't have enough change.
I got home, in a relaxed state, had a nice cup of tea and then my wonderful neighbour called over.  She insisted on driving me to the school to pick my son up because the weather was so bad.  Then she invited us to her house so my son could play with her toddler grandson and we could chat over a coffee. I really couldn't ask for a better neighbour or friend.
I have the housework done and my son is now upstairs having a lovely nap. Everyone is safe and looked after now. This allows me to get on with blogging and writing which is something else that I do just for myself!  Bliss!


  1. Claire
    This blog and your post is a wonderful "find" for me this morning! Yesterday I was sick and it got me to thinking about self care and how it can still sometimes make me feel "guilty" when I am not looking! Especially when I don't feel well.
    Your blog post today is uplifting! I feel like I just had tea with a new friend! Wonderful!
    Hugs, Darlene

  2. Darlene, thanks for your lovely comment. Glad I made you feel better!

  3. Hi Claire - loved your blog! and congrats on the Mom blogger of the Week! You reminded me of my interest and belief in the P.O.A - I just need to keep focusing and being positive too! It is so easy to be sucked into negativity which in turn attracts it.... Thanks for the reminder - and have you read/seen "The Secret"? That was an easy read and made it all very clear.... Keep on Blogging!


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