Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meningitis Advice
I recently wrote a post over at The WM Parenting connection about misdiagnosis.(see the above link)  I mentioned a little girl who had been misdiagnosed with swine flu when she actually had meningitis.  She subsequently died as a result of this.   Meningitis is one of my greatest fears now that I am the mother of a young child.

My facebook friend Celine Blacow of  'Soaperstar' recently posted up the following link telling her amazing story of surviving meningitis, not once, not twice but FIVE times!
Check it out at 

It's really worth checking this site out to increase your awareness of the disease.  You don't have to be a fortysomething first time mum like myself to worry about it!


  1. Oh fame at last! Having had the illness 5 times is incredibly unusual (and rather unlucky) so it shouldn't scare anyone too much... but it's a bug that naturally lives in the ear/nose/throat area so in Winter it can become more prevalent due to the higher incidence of colds/flu etc. Keep an eye on your family, sniffles etc don't mean they have meningitis but my best advice is dreadful headache + vomiting = get to a hospital ASAP. A stiff neck is also a very obvious symptom (get the person to touch their chin to their chest, if they can't, best to check with your doctor). I never had a rash etc so can't give advice on that. I will say that it's very possible to survive this with no ill effects - it's better to be educated and aware rather than be scared.

  2. Always better to eer on the side of caution just in case! Read about that case you mentioned - awful!


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