Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Enough Trust

Enough Trust
My latest post over at the WM Parenting Connection in which I talk about how I hope my son will see me as older and wiser rather than an old fogey! I hope he will be able to trust me enough to confide in me about whatever he is going through in life. All comments welcome.


  1. A very nice comment on this post from my FB page. I am sharing it here:

    Amanda O Rourke Hogan -I am a firm believer in the concept of "We reap what we sow" you are clearly an extremely loving mother now,Ciaran feels safe & secure with you..he knows you are his rock,his foundation..the amount of time you invest in him will continue and he will not be concerned about your age,I am sure he will make friends over the years who have younger mothers,maybe older mothers,but your age is not an important factor in his levels of trust..the important thing is how you communicate together,your attitudes to life..mental age is what is important,as long as you show a healthy interest in his life, and the world around you,keep the channels of communication open,Ciaran will always be able to confide in you...that I am convinced of..
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