Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fruit tastes nicer on a cake!

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie. ~Jim Davis

While on a quest to feed my two and a half year old son healthy foods, I am trying to eat more fruit and vegetables myself. I still find however, that fruit tastes nicer when atop a nice piece of cheescake or encased in a crusty pastry! This probably explains why I am about two stone overweight but - still looking good -I hasten to add! (positive attitude kicking in!).

As a forty something first time mum, I figure I need all the energy I can get and a good diet and exercise is part of that. Unfortunately, I am not as prolific with either one as I would like to be. Despite my new positive attitude, I am in pain at the moment and also struggling with the comfort eating thing. I am sure some of you out there can feel my pain! Still, I am persevering with the mind over matter theory, knowing this makes things better. What's the point of complaining all the time unless it's to someone who can help.

The eating things started off very well with my little man. He used to eat everything including spinach and broccoli but in the past few months he has become very fussy. He won't even eat nice things like flavoured jelly and he hates chocolate. If I give him green veg, he says 'don't wike gwass' (don't like grass) and if I give him anything with chocolate in it he says 'dutty' (dirty). I even gave him chocolate chip ice cream as a treat the other day but he proceeded to spit out all the bits! He doesn't take after his mother when it comes to chocolate, that's for sure.

At the moment he is living on egg, toast, yoghurt, crackers, cheese and ham. He will eat pasta the odd time but not if it's shells instead of squiggles. He drinks a lot of milk and water and he loves fresh orange juice with no pips. I am hoping he is getting enough nutrition from what he is eating and will resume eating normally at some point. Some books say if he doesn't eat what you put in front of him, to take it away and he will eat what he is given when he is hungry. Other books and sites say that it's important for him to be eating something so give him what he likes. I tend to do this as I don't want him going to bed hungry!

With a myriad of sites and information to choose from, it can all be a bit confusing. I may be a forty something mum but I am still a first time mum and still learning. I feel sometimes that because I am older, people are surprised that I don't know it all!


  1. I became a slave to my eldests diet - making extra food for her if she didn't eat the first tea... but having had a second baby and becoming separated I now just do the one meal for the 3 of us... the eldest after a tough few months now has a very varied diet - recently stating her favorite food is chicken curry or a roast dinner - coming from the girl who 18 months ago barely ate more than plain pasta NO sauce, hated potatoes but did always eat fruit and veg. Second daughter - gets what she is given and is 6 months past where the first started getting fussy and is still generally eating well - she either eats or she doesn't and I don't make extra things.
    I don't think there is really a right or wrong but they will eat when they are hungry and it sounds as if yours still has a balanced diet - and it will get better! They are asserting their independance as it is one of the first things they realise they can really take control of. Don't make a fuss yourself and it will soon pass. Well done on your new positive attitude... keep it up! xx

  2. Hi, I'm from CC Women Wednesday, I make and sell bags, purses and all manner of fabric flowers, the profit from which feeds my addiction to quilting! Nice to see you, all the best with the Mummy thing!

  3. Hunny, you have exactly the same story, fussy eaters x 2 here and I need to lose 3 stone. Good luck is all I will say.
    Thanks for following the CC Blog Hop, we appreciate your support.


  4. Try the M&S kiddies range of healthy options - works a treat!


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