Thursday, May 6, 2010

More like thirty four?

I had a funny experience in the local shop this morning. I am still chuckling.

As we made our way around the shelves, an elderly lady stopped to chat. She asked my little boy what his name was and he duly told her. Then she asked him where he lived and he looked at her as if she should know and said 'our house'. Then she asked him how old he was and he first said 'two half' then he looked at me and shouted 'forty four! The lady looked at me and said 'somehow I don't think your mother is forty four'. I smiled at her and she said 'More like thirty four'

I was delighted of course. But now I am sitting here thinking because she is so much older, everyone probably looks younger than they are. My mother says, the older she gets, the more impossible she finds it to put ages on people.

Still, it makes a nice change.

All the best to you and thanks for reading.
Positive. Positive. Positive.


  1. Accept the compliments I say!! But yes the police force and the doctors are beginning to look pubescent to me too! Hope you're still feeling good. :-) x

  2. 10 years younger? - I'd be very chuffed! Have no doubt she meant it too... a positive attitude knocks years off!


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