Monday, May 3, 2010

This lady is amazing and definitely over forty!

Someone posted this video on facebook a while back and I just had repost it and put it on my blog.

Isn't this woman just amazing? You can feel the serenity and peacefulness of her aura as she speaks. You can see how flexible she still is at her age.

If this is what yoga and leading a life of mindfulness and positivity can do for you, shouldn't we all be at it? I tried yoga myself a few times in the past and found it tremendously relaxing and calming. The only problem was I didn't seem to get any more flexible even after two courses of 8 lessons and just couldn't progress to the shoulder stand etc. I have never been able to stand on my head. It used to be a confidence thing. Now it's more like 'my body is failing me' thing!

I woke up in January with an excruciating pain from my left buttock down my leg to my foot. Even putting my foot to the ground was agony.The doctor diagnosed sciatica and prescribed difene and paracetemol and it eased off after a few days. Sadly however, I woke up with it again last Sunday. It's still as bad today even though I am on medication again.

I also had pains in my chest at the beginning of this year. It really worried me as I have a high cholesterol (on meds for it), a hereditary condition from my father. (Thanks Dad for the legacy!!). As he had a heart attack in his forties, I panicked. A subsequent ecg/stress test showed abnormality so I went into hospital for an angiogram. Thankfully my arteries were clear but as the consultant said, if I don't look after my health now, I may need his services in the future. With that out of the way, I still have this sciatica to deal with. Hopefully my new positive attitude will carry me through!

As the doctor said, once you hit your forties, any health issues that you are genetically subsceptible to are apt to come out. I thought I was a very healthy forty something first time mum but now I am finding my body is starting to exhibit symptoms of illnesses my parents had and have! Dad, who sadly has passed on now, had heart problems from his forties to his seventies although he eventually died of bowel cancer. Mam has asthma and osteo arthritis and sciatica!! She also has a positive attitude and is always out partying and making friends. Hopefuly cultivating this mind set and focusing on people like the lady above will help me to continue being a happy and nurturing mum even though I happen to be an older one!

All the best to you and thanks for reading.
Positive. Positive. Positive.


  1. She moves and looks better than me on most days!! Good for her - just need the time to take it up myself. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I aspire to be like her! Maybe not in the yoga way though.

  3. Find yoga as relaxing and calming as you do and although am not hugely flexible even after some years doing it (or maybe I am and I don't relaise it), I think it's importnant to find the right teacher... the one I go to is so understanding of peoples capabilities - in my case short hamstings will always limit certain techiques, but she will adpat accordingly or get you to "breath through" areas that may be more uncomfortable - it's all about the right balance!


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