Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day to those who celebrate it today!

Many of my friends are celebrating mothers day today. We here in Ireland celebrated it in March.

The above quote is true for many people but not for all. Quite a few of my friends didn't get on with their mothers growing up and still don't. I can't for the life of me imagine that sort of scenario. Sure, my mother and I had our ups and downs not to mention shouting matches! I don't know how she put up with me as a teenager but we got through it intact. We are best of friends now and I am so glad she is around. I am also glad that she got to meet my little boy who is now two and a half and who loves her a lot. Sure, she still says things that annoy me but I choose to let them go, most of the time.

I think we even share a telepathic streak. I remember when I lived away from home in a different country. I was going through a very emotional time and hadn't stopped crying for a couple of days. I hadn't told my mother anything about it. I remember drinking beer and lying on my bed all night sobbing into mounds of pink tissues. The next morning I had an early phone call from my anxious mother who hadn't slept all night She had had a very strong dream about me, in which I was lying on a bed covered in pink flowers!!!

I love Mothers day now. It used to be a day for celebrating my own mother and of course it still is. But now I get to celebrate it myself and it truly is a most gratifying thing. I still cannot believe that I am lucky enough to be the mother of this beautiful boy. I just love to hear him calling me each morning or indeed any time of day. 'Mammy, Mammy' the most beautiful words ever to be heard by these ears!

All the best to you and thanks for reading
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