Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As young or old as you feel

You are as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair. ~Douglas MacArthur

I started a beginners yoga class last week. It is something I have been interested in doing for a while but have not made the effort to do. I had tried some classes with my brother and his wife many years ago but had felt self conscious and out of place at that time.

Since I have restarted my practice of positive thinking and put into practice some of the Laws of Attraction (google it if you don't know what I mean!), it's amazing how things I want are coming my way. Okay, I did not want the sciatica that I have mysteriously developed but if I hadn't had that and mentioned it to my neighbour, then she might not have mentioned the yoga class to me.

My neighbour is in her sixties though you wouldn't guess it and amazingly our yoga teacher is in in her seventies. I was stunned by this information as she looks much much younger. She started to talk about something she had done fifty years ago and I am sure my mouth fell open. I have since heard that she has a son in her fifities and a mother in her nineties. The classes are relaxing, interesting and totally suitable for a forty something beginner with back problems. The classes are a mixture of Hatha and remedial yoga and there is a creche attached so my little man gets an hour and a half of play with other children his own age.

The most interesting thing for me though, is that our teacher only started yoga in her forties. She positively radiates health and warmth to everyone in the room. I aspire to be like that at this age, never mind when I am in my seventies!

I came to most things later in life than a lot of my peers, including carving out a decent career. I know now that this had to do with my lack of self esteem and self worth. In my late thirties after doing some work on myself, I learned to drive and swim, overcame dental phobia and started my own dogwalking and petsitting business (on hold for the moment). The confidence surge from doing all this and from practicing positivity has now led me onto this next wonderful stage.

I always thought once you hit forty, the interesting parts of life were pretty much over! I am thrilled to find that is far from the case. I only have to look at myself as an example. I am a forty something first time mum (on career break from great job), blogger, business person, phobic killer, yoga student and hopefully a life long learner!

All the best to you. Positive. Positive. Positive.


  1. Try reading the book "The Secret" or renting the movie - all about positive thinking - some people think it's hokey but I think whatever sends you on the right path is worth it! You are right about the Power of Attraction - we use it here at home all the time and so far it has worked for us - maybe not in the way we imagined but all worked out in the end. I started exercising this week too - couch to 5k - on week 1 day 2 - and I survived! We all can do it if we put our minds to it! Enjoy your happiness and positivity!

  2. Best of luck with the yoga - I love it. It's a powerful mix to be able to balance the mind and body, the sence of calm & positivity is fantastic.. will definitely suit you!


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